We believe the best way to learn is with “hands on” experience.

Picture of construction engineer working on building site

We believe the best way to learn is with “hands on” experience...

Giving you the chance to learn on the job while earning a salary, construction apprenticeships are a great alternative to a traditional degree in this vocational subject.

Apprenticeships are widely available in the property and construction sector. As with all types of apprenticeship, they are offered at four different levels.

Construction apprenticeships can be found in traditional trades such as:

  • Bricklaying
  • Lifting Technician
  • Plastering
  • Roofing
  • Site Supervisor
  • Steel Worker
  • Welding

With an apprenticeship, you could be working on various sites in your region and beyond – there are also plenty of opportunities to work abroad, as many of the largest construction companies operate around the world. Whatever profession you decide to pursue, you can count on the fact that your work will be used and admired by people for years to come. And there’s always going to be a need for people to build and develop a whole host of structures and properties.


Wood Construction Worker

Level 2 Construction Plant Operative

Focus construction worker on construction site

Level 4 Construction Site Supervisor​

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